A New Chapter at Wolverhampton Racecourse: The Bernie Kelly Memorial FFA Pace

Introduction: Exciting news for the racing community! As we embrace a new chapter, we’re thrilled to announce that the Bernie Kelly Memorial FFA Pace, sponsored by Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment, will be hosted for the first time at Wolverhampton Racecourse in 2024. This marks a significant shift from its previous home at Tir Prince Raceway in Wales, where it was held for the last three years.

Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment: A Continued Partnership: Our partnership with Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment enters its third year, bringing with it an increased purse and enhanced prestige to the Bernie Kelly Memorial FFA Pace. This collaboration not only honors the memory of our late secretary, Bernie Kelly, but also elevates the event to new heights.

Honoring Bernie Kelly: Bernie Kelly was a beloved and respected figure in our community, known for her unwavering dedication to the sport. Her legacy continues to inspire us, and it’s an honor to have a world-class sponsor like Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment commemorate her life and contributions through this event.

Wolverhampton Racecourse: A New Venue for a Cherished Event: The move to Wolverhampton Racecourse opens up exciting opportunities for the Bernie Kelly Memorial FFA Pace. Known for its top-class facilities and rich racing history, Wolverhampton Racecourse offers the perfect backdrop for celebrating Bernie’s legacy and showcasing the best in harness racing.

Conclusion: As we look forward to this new era at Wolverhampton Racecourse, we extend our deepest gratitude to Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment for their ongoing support. Their commitment ensures that the spirit of Bernie Kelly continues to thrive in the heart of the racing community. We invite everyone to join us in this special event that promises to be more thrilling than ever.

Call to Action: Mark your calendars and stay updated with the latest news about the Bernie Kelly Memorial FFA Pace at Wolverhampton Racecourse. Follow our blog and social media for continuous updates. Let’s come together to celebrate a remarkable legacy in a new, exciting venue!

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